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Carlos Nino  in London, UK
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2016-07-01

Gisella Stapleton : About beauties and fauves

Gisella Stapleton is a peruvian born artist based in London since 2010. A self-taught artist, Gisella's art is particulary influenced by her Peruvian upbringing. Ordinary people including farm workers, Street musicians, children and women are prominent in many of Gisella's paintings.

Most of her work is inspired by regular South American themes such as the mix between economic needs and expression for the joy of life. Hopes and dreams alongside harsh realities have infused her inner thoughts and are recurring in her paintings.

Gisella uses different materials for her paintings (oils, watercolor, acrylic) but her most recent works have been creating with acrylics palette knife, this enables her to create paintings with forceful strokes more quickly capturing the moment of inspiration.

Fauvism and Pop Art are one of the most relevant characteristics of Gisella's new collection is the non-naturalistic paring of complementary colours producing strong visual contrasts. This use of intense colour is a vehicle for expressing her inner world and emotional state, although some of her works reflects the mood and personality of the subject.


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