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Latinos in London Magazine  on 2016-09-27

Angelica Lopez : Madremonte

MADREMONTE… Angélica López, New Álbum... ¡A journey beyond the Music!

Colombian singer songwriter Angelica Lopez amazingly comes full of surprises, this time with hits and inspiring chords that will fill your ears with magic.

Born in the beautiful Cartagena de Indias, in the north of Colombia; this talented woman based in London (England), has being inspired by the colourful Caribbean the influence of the Pacific and the earths vibrations to register every emotion and proclaim every musical word in a way that only she could. This is how Madremonte was born, a project that will bring delight to many with sounds of: gaita, accordion, marimba de chonta, tambora, an unmatchable fusion of urban rock and enchanting lyrics, finding a perfect mix of traditional Colombia sounds, it's nature and the fusion of rock.

Songs such as "Asi soy" (the way I am) reflect in this album her charisma and life experiences in Caribbean land, "Aluna" fills the listener with emotion and consciousness about the importance of connecting with our mother earth and protecting her as well as ourselves; " Lovesong” (I will always love you) a cover that you can't help but dedicate to someone, in partnership with Herencia de Timbiquí, portrays what it's like to dream and live love , along with many more hits.

Welcome to enchanting world of MADREMONTE!


MADREMONTE is an album of 10 songs in spanish and 1 cover in english as a bonus track.
Is the combination of the multi-ethnic and multicultural richness of the Caribbean and Pacific areas of Colombia, the merge of traditional and urban sounds.

MADREMONTE has being enriched by the prescence of various artist that are recognized in the Colombian musical sphere, such as Herencia de Timbiqui , winners of la gaviota de plata (silver seagull) at festival Viña del Mar 2015.

MADREMONTE social, is the other side of this beautiful project which seeks to strengthen the awareness in the protection of our natural resources by using photographs, conferences and musical shows in order to develop guidelines for the preservation of the environment and its population.

MALA PA LA CAMA… Definitive Success iconic phrases in the Valle del Cauca, popular speeches in Barranquilla’s Carnaval, the storytellers in Antioquia or the chatters in the interior zone of Colombia, Mala pa’ la cama is a jokingly way to expose a traditional saying that dates back to the time of our ancestors, where gossips used to say that a woman who did not know how to cook, was not good very good in bed.

This song does not seek to point out fingers or to judge anyone if cooks or not, but instead has a double meaning with the intention to make the dancer laugh and along with the official video to show in a very funny way that physical attributes are not the only important factor when it comes to love.

With a super catchy rhythm, Mala Pa' la cama wants to conquer the hearts of all those who hear it regardless their social class, age, race or origin.

Mala Pa’ la Cama one of the many the hits of this album MADREMONTE.


Since she was just a little girl always wanted to be a singer, at age 17 began her musical career singing rancheras with the mariachi band "Two Generations" and other musical groups at the “Corralito de piedra: Stable of stone”

The big moment came in 1996 when she represented the department of Bolivar in a national singing contest made by Radio Activa wining the third place.

Arrives in England in 2002 with Orquesta original de Cartagena with whom she won the privilege of representing Colombia at the International Festival of World Music (Diaspora) in London.

Colombian group heavily influenced by Folk music from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia, playing rhythms such us cumbia, champeta, fandango and porro, led by the Singer Songwriter.

With a contemporary touch , its energetic performances have graced stages WOMAD Festival, The Royal Albert Hall, Shepherds Bush O2 Empire, El Carnaval del Pueblo, Barbican’s Another World is Possible Weekend, Beyond El Dorado at The British Museum, The house of Commons at the Buckingham Palace and various UK festivals and private events.

At her concerts you can appreciate rhythms that are heritage, tradition and Afro-Colombian richness (Currulao, Vallenato, Llanero) as well as sounds
coming form Rock and Urban genre.

Traditional instruments used in stage include: gaita, maracas, guacho, tambora, alegre, llamador, caja and accordion vallenato. Also drums, electric bass, saxophone, clarinet and electric guitar give to this fusion a more urban and rocker sound.

Making this band one of the best exponents of Colombian music in Europe and the World.

Singer : Angelica Lopez

Lyrics : Angelica Lopez, Rafael Sarmiento, Borys Caicedo and more..

Music Director: Borys Caicedo 

Prod. Elite Entertainment


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