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Carlos Nino  in Worldwide
Press Release  on 2016-12-20

Jesse & Joy : Echoes of Love

Jesse & Joy are a sibling act from Mexico. They are preparing to release their first English language album outside of Latin America next year. Their music is a blend of pop, folk, and Latin Rhythms paired with Joy’s powerful voice.

They hold the lofty title of being the most popular act in Latin America at the moment with some impressive statistics:

· 1.5 billion YouTube views on their music videos (2.85+ million YouTube subscribers)
· First album is 3X Platinum in Mexico, Second album premiered at #1 in multiple Latin American countries.
· Five Latin Grammys and received 2 American Grammy nominations
· 15+ million likes on Facebook, 5+ million Twitter followers
· In addition to this, they have playlist spots on BBC Radio 2 and efforts for world peace and nonviolence earned them recognition from Yoko Ono's Non-Violence Project Foundation.

Listen to ‘Echoes Of Love

It’s worth noting that when their single ‘Echoes Of Love’ premiered on the Independent website, it was one of the most viewed news stories of that week (eclipsing a breaking story that happened at the same time), and had unprecedented levels of sharing through the Independent social networks.


The duo are planning a visit to London soon ahead of the release of their eponymous debut UK album in 2017. More details coming soon.

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