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Latinos in London Magazine  on 2017-07-03

Palo e' mango : Electro Folklore from Colombia

Palo e’ Mango is a cutting edge music collective, which brings together today’s electronic sounds with the traditional music of Bullerengue and other ancestral rhythms of the african diaspora in the caribbean coast of Colombia, with eyes on the future and roots in the oral traditions of the villages of this region of the Americas.

The fusion seeks balance between ancient and modern sounds, with love for the local roots, bringing them to new audiences and stages of borderless music.

Mother Earth blesses us

with the fruits of her forests,

the heart of the Americas,

bursting with mangos

The Mango tree celebrates

as the harvest begins

of this sweet, redeeming nectar

from the core of the earth

Long live Latin America

with your heart of mango,

which is the call of the ancestors

who live within our songs

Palo e’ Mango is : Jorge Pérez, Emilsen Pacheco, Daudet Salgado, Mauricio Araya(Mr. Toé), Michael Wagner(Biomigrant).

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