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Carlitos Nino  in London, UK
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2017-07-15

REVIEW | La Mambanegra bites London with musical venom

Yes, people La Mambanegra visited London this weekend part of their European Guayaban tour 2017 with an overdose of funky salsa, hip hop and a hybrid of Caribbean boogaloo, a twist of rhythms and not easy to define as their style makes them one of the best independent bands right now from Colombia.

The venue. Omeara in London bridge, easy to get there, very well organized staff, a new building with a room big enough for this intimate show with a vintage style, great lights, HD soundsystem and cosy atmosphere was in charge to bring the happiness to loads of fans who showed up to dance and sing alongside with the band, A powerful sound system which gave to the band the sound quality like their CD and very cosy atmosphere to bring the quality that this band deserve.

The band. La mambanegra certainly after last visit we can see all the big effort they are doing to keep this machine working and get better and better. A 9 piece band, very tight percussion including a quality drummer clicking on time and a crazy dancer and conga player to bring the afrolatin beat. The brass section very powerful ensemble between the trombone and the trumpet, the piano who give the colours of breakin’ salsa. A talented female guest for this tour doing backing vocals with a powerful jazzy, RnB voice with a Colombian Pacific soul, on the left side a male backing vocal and guiro player scrapping up and down giving this wonderful flavour to the songs. The bass player is a mix of a young Victor Wooten with a voice from el Pacifico Colombiano just to said how good he was. A front man with more battery than the energizer bunny, the brainchild of this project is called El callegueso with 400w of pura sabrosura and sweet saxophone combined with his voice with lyrics and rhymes from el barrio Caliente that easily connect the audience and keep the stage on fire during all the show.

The show. Small venue and stage but good enough to fit a 9 piece band, the stage manager make this happen in a nice way, Well organised playlist and well-played from start to end, the whole band bring his own part to the show doing their solos to the party moves, the karate kicks by el callegueso, from have fun being frozen on stage to jump to the public; they make you part of the show straight away that gives to La mambanegra their own character and get the people happy, singing and dancing all night like Celebration by Kool & the gang mixed with their own music in the end of the show.

Big support from all people who showed up and to the band who gave all and more what they have to bring one of the best shows to town. Their energy is unique and they can make you feel like being at Wembley Stadium wherever you are, you need to be there to have the experience to dance and feel their music, have those strange goosebumps to see too much talent and the most important connect yourself with the power of la mamba y el puro potenkem that make you feel like James brown…. feel good!.

For me and i guess all that people who went to the show as they said: Me parece perfecto!! Was just perfect or more than that.

Special thanks to Serious, AfropicksMovimientosIlkaMedia and Omeara for all their support and making this happen.

ps. After the show we went to "El barrio caliente" in London for an unique last minute after party with el Callegueso that for sure will be part of a new story to tell in one of the future albums. Great night!.... Ataca mambanegra!


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Apologies for any mistake in the grammar and writing y como decia celia my english is not very good looking..


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