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Carlitos Nino  in London, UK
Latinos in London Magazine  on 2017-10-05

ANDINA: The Heart of Peruvian Food

Chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Martin Morales, has spent
the best part of his life exploring Peru; collecting, gathering and
recording traditional recipes and dishes along the way. Born in
Peru he lived there until he was a teenager and now returns 3
times a year, seeking new ingredients and recipes from the Andes
and Amazon of Peru. Following the success of CEVICHE:
Peruvian Kitchen his bestselling cookbook released in 2013, which
was translated into 12 different languages and sold over 120,000
copies, his second book, ANDINA: The Heart of Peruvian Food,
will be a celebration of his love of the Andes, it’s dishes,
ingredients, people, stories and culture.

“Peruvian food is a vast culinary landscape mixing Indigenous Inca
and pre-Inca cuisine, with food influenced by migrants from Africa,
Japan, China, Spain and Italy. But the roots of it lie in the Andes
today. Many of the exciting ingredients widely loved today such as
maca, quinoa and lucuma and techniques such as fermentation
and nose to tail eating have been paramount to Andina cuisine for
over 7,000 years. For the first time ANDINA will tell that story, with
authentic and creative recipes that we have served in our
restaurants and those I have researched and discovered on my
travels deep into the Andes” says Martin Morales.

The book will combine age-old recipes passed down through
Martin’s ancestors with his modern interpretation of traditional
Peruvian cooking alongside the dishes created by Martin and his
team at his award-winning restaurants Casita Andina and Andina.
The emphasis is on recipes with big flavours and beautiful colours
that are simple to cook at home. From light, raw dishes to hearty
stews and soups; cheeky bites to flavour-packed roasts; and

sweet, aromatic desserts to comforting hot drinks, ANDINA
presents authentic, nutritious all-day food made with seasonal
ingredients all year-round.

Transcending the boundaries of food, art, and music the cookbook
has been designed to emulate the intricate painted tiles found
throughout the Andes of Peru, reflecting the craftmaker that
contributes to such a rich culture. Accompanying the cookbook,
Martin has curated a compilation of up-tempo Andina songs to
cook-by. A download code will be hidden inside the book and the
entire album will be available on double gatefold vinyl and on all
digital platforms worldwide. The songs have been carefully chosen
to transport the home cook from their kitchen to the heart of the
Andes, adding a little swing into the mix.

ANDINA: The Heart of Peruvian Food will be released on 5 th
October 2017, available in bookshops nationwide, the book
can be pre-ordered on Amazon via this link:

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