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Carlitos Nino  in Apollo Hammersmith, London, UK
Latinos in London magazine  on 2018-05-02

Review | Ricardo Arjona in London | 2018

vOne of the best shows and productions so far until now is Ricardo Arjona, The Guatemalan singer create the perfect combination of Circo Soledad and his music accompanied by an amazing anglo-latin band and performers on stage.

The theatrical show recreates each song with a magical touch bringing the best atmosphere to the legendary Hammersmith Apollo famous to host also shows in the 60’s including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley.

A special guest on the show Luisa Santiago to open and warming up the show bringing the best of his latin music to prepare the crowd before the big show.

When nobody expected a Pinocchio clown appear on stage with a trumpet, and interacting with the crowd, then Arjona show up from one box part of the circus theme playing his electric guitar and bringing excitement to the public preparing the people to sing his memorable lyrics

Arjona included a variety of songs as “Circo soledad”, “El problema”, “Pinguinos en la cama” “Si el norte fur el sur”, “hasta que la muerte los separe” , “Te conozco”, “Fuiste tu” accompanied by his guitarist and backing vocal from Colombia Suzy Correa and time to receive request songs from the fans and closing with the famous “Mujeres” when everyone at the Apollo scream and sing louder.

His talent mixed with the interaction with the public get you completely into the show, bringing her fans to the stage making the people feel more involved.

A very grateful Ricardo Arjona with his fans and vice versa, left his music inside the hearts of the fans and the memories forever of this amazing show.

Many thanks to the team of Alexis Pena productions and the big effort to make this happen to Cesar Gamba & John Parrandisimo and Will for the Press attentions.

Videos by the fans.


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