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Latinos in London magazine  on 2018-11-14

Marta Gomez : Coloreando dos

Sometimes there's an event in your life that makes you stick your head up and realize you should shift your direction a little. Winning a Latin Grammy did just that for Marta Gomez, whose win for 2014's Coloreando pushed her firmly into the world of teaching language through music.

Marta and GLP Music are back with Coloreando Dos. In our increasingly fast and globalizing world, it's a necessity to be multi-lingual. Years of success stories have proven the viability of learning language through music (I'm looking at you, Sesame Street).

This release is a collection of beautiful and traditional children's songs as well as a fun and effective way for any family to learn and practice Colombian Spanish. The complete Colombian Spanish lyrics and English translations are included with this release. Having graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Berklee College of Music, after receiving the Best Achievement Scholarship, Marta Gómez has developed an extensive music career which has placed her as one of the most interesting singer songwriters on the world music scene today. Marta and her group perform a repertoire of original compositions based on a vast amount of rhythms from Latin America. On her songs, Marta mixes the joy of the Caribbean with the nostalgia of the Andes adding jazz and pop elements, taking the authenticity of South American indigenous folk music into a new realm.

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