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Latinos in London magazine  on 2018-11-28

Dj Panko: Panko Pa' Palenque / Afrocolombia Reworks

Palenque Records comes with a new musical voyage through Afro-Colombia. This time, Dj Panko brings a new view in our unique style : ELECTRO-ROOTS. DJ PANKO is a great artist from Spain. He was part of the band 'Ojos de Brujo', and now do his own work as a producer, arranger and musician. He met with Lucas Silva Dj Champetaman, founder of Palenque Records and producer of this oiriginal songs. They worked together on the concept and tunes to deliver MORE FIRE !! for u all.

In this album, DJ PANKO give us new versions and re works of some of the finest tunes from the Palenque Records Catalog, artists as Gualajo, Colombiafrica Orchestra, Louis Towers, Son Palenque, Abelardo Carbono.
Enjoy this new electro -roots trip through the veins of Afrocolombia !!

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