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La Yegros : Suelta

Radiating energy and positivity, ‘The Queen Of New Cumbia’ returns with ‘Suelta’, her third album proper. An Argentine singer, brimming with flamboyant intensity, La Yegros' charged vocals ride on top of a wave of cumbia, trap-versed electronica, dancehall and pop imbued by the folkloric and traditional sounds of Argentina and rural South America.

'Suelta' is produced by duo King Coya, a pioneer of the ever-developing and renowned folk-tronica sound and scene emanating from Latin America, and Eduardo Cabra, from multiple Grammy-Award winning Puerto Rican group Calle 13. Featuring guest UK rapper Soom T (Tenemos Voz), 'Suelta', translates as a powerful call to ‘let loose’, and amplifies the diverse genres that make up La Yegros' vibe and musical identity.

Native of Buenos Aires, La Yegros (real name Mariana Yegros) has roots in Misiones, a province in the North East of the country and where her parents reside. This rural and tropical region borders Paraguay and Brazil a hotspot for international rhythms that meld into each other, where people play & dance to chamamé (a mixture of polka and guarani music), carnavalito (similar to Peruvian huayno) and sway their hips to Colombian cumbia.

La Yegros grew up in the suburbs of a cosmopolitan city, always influenced by the traditions of the countryside and is now based between France and Argentina which allows her to take on a myriad of influences feeding her increasingly mixed musical identity.

Traditional sounds, often re-energised and digitised such as carnavalito and cumbia, were ever-present on her previous album, Magnetismo (2016) released on the UK's Soundway label. For her latest, these traditions further align with the frenetic rhythms of huayno and chamarrer. Folk melodies are rekindled using the Andean flute and Middle Eastern chords flourish. The range in 'Suelta' is impressive showcasing hi-velocity Afro-digital bangers like ‘A Ver A Ver’ and ‘Sube Presion’ – further endorsing her claim to fame as the 'First lady of Electro Cumbia' – to more sensual and traditional cumbia moments like in ‘Cuando’.


Argentinian yet citizen of the world, La Yegros shows that she is an artist with a purpose and conscience. There’s an exhilarating feel to the album, purposely euphoric and punctuated by politically poignant lyrics expressing her indignation, and even her anger, at social injustices. She calls on women around the world to demand the respect they are owed, by unifying their voices with hers; “Tenemos voz” (“We have a voice”), she lauds with British MC Soom T.

A further stand out is the production, which is credited to long-time collaborator Daniel Martin, the composer of her first international dancefloor, hit “Viene de Mí” whilst countryman and producer King Coya (Gaby Kerpel), best known for his otherworldly cumbia experiments for ZZK (another label La Yegros have released on) has contributed to defining the electropical line of La Yegros’ music. Producer number three and four are Eduardo Cabra, one half of the Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 (a several time winner at the Latin Grammy Awards), as well as Dutchman Jori Collington, who stirs up the global beat bombs of ‘Skip & Die’.

With an almost carnival atmosphere, much like La Yegros incredible live shows, 'Suelta' has a presence you can’t ignore and never fails to unlock even the stiffest bodies.

Artist: La Yegros
Album: Suelta (22nd March)
Single: Tenemos Voz ft. Soom T (22nd March)
Label: X-Ray
Live in London: 26th April / La Linea Festival, Rich Mix - Tickets here

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