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MamaNoLlora : EP 2013

Mamanollora (“Mama doesn’t cry”) is a recipe for happiness, mixing ingredients from Rumba, Ska, Reggae, Funk, Swing and many others styles. The secret ingredient is spontaneity, spreading infectious and intoxicating energy throughout their performance.

A playful concoction guaranteed to make you dance; this 9-piece crazy band has a mission to break the mould of routine, to burst the gray bubble of everyday life by painting the town in bright colours.

Born in London in 2012, and inspired by Spanish rhythms, Mamanollora combines brass, guitar, Latin percussion and voluptuous voices, inviting their audience to join the party!

Their first EP “Mamanollora” recorded between the UK and Spain will be released March 2013, includes 6 tracks that are sure to make you skank! This EP features collaborations with Jackson Scott (Mano de Dios) and Natty Bo (Ska Cubano) and an electronic version co-produced by Adrian G.Moreno and recorded in Tocino Records, Spain.

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