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Toto La Momposina interview 25/7/2010

Interview with Totó la Momposina in a very special concert at the Barbican marking the bicentenary of Colombia’s independence in 2010 with additional tribute by different artists around the world.

Legendary Colombian vocalist Toto la Momposina brings together the music of three races, indigenous porro, puya and gaita with Afro-Latin cumbia, mapale and sexteto. Toto was born in the northern Colombian village of Talaigua, in the island of Mompos. As its name suggests, Talaigua was once an Indigenous land. The Spanish invasion five hundred years ago forced the population inland. “The music I play has its roots in mixed race,” she explains. “The flutes are pre-columbian, the drums of course are from Africa, and the guitar from the conquistadors.

Find out more about Totó at . TOTO LA MOMPOSINA INTERVIEW @ LATINOS IN LONDON RADIO 5/07/2011. Host: Carlos Nino * * * Tuesday 6pm GMT

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