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Diego Laverde Latin Harp 2010 Concert - Video Review

Diego Laverde concert @ Bolivar Hall - Venezuelan Bicentenary of independence 19/04/2010. From Bogotá, Colombia, musician Diego Laverde Rojas has played the arpa llanera, or lowland harp, since 1982. It is a popular folk instrument named after Los Llanos, a lowland area between Colombia and Venezuela, and it has a fascinating history. It is of European, not Latin American origin; brought over by the Spanish during the colonial era, but over time has absorbed Colombian and Venezuelan influences, creating a unique instrument.

Diego says that many people are surprised at his choice of instrument and the diversity of South American music, saying "many people only think of the Andes area and pan pipes". The arpa llanera is very different to the western orchestral harp, as angelic, ethereal melodies are replaced by fast, syncopated rhythms with a timbre reminiscent of a classical nylon-string guitar. Due to its size and amazingly intricate construction, as well as his virtuosic technique, Diego is capable of creating polyphony; playing a beautiful melody and complicated accompaniment on his harp simultaneously.

The 19th of April marks the beginning of the process of Venezuelan independence. This revolutionary movement had an impact on the political, economic, social and cultural spheres of Venezuela and the whole of Latin America. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of 19th April 1810, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela invites everyone to join the celebrations of this special occasion. Come and share with us the variety of Latin American artists who will be part of the this great event. Juan Gonzales (Peruvian - Pan Pipe), Diego la Verde (Harp - Colombia), Carlos Barcenas (Tenor - Mexico ), John Tunrville ( Piano - Argentina ), Chebeto Requena ( Clarinet -Singer -Venezuela ), Doni Fierro and participants of the Bolivar Hall dance classes.

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