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Hermanos Lebron 2010 Concert - Video review

August 2011 brought Puerto rico's Hermanos Lebron band to London in a night of salsa music performance. Latinos in London was first to let you know about the event and once again, we are the first to bring you the video reviews of an unforgettable night in the capital. enjoy...

The LeBron Brothers brought their own style of music to the Latin genre. It was a mix of Motown soul and Latin rhythms. Their coros was more like soul group backgrounds

In 1971 Jose LeBron did something that changed salsa forever, he composed '"SALSA Y CONTROL" giving Latin music a name: "SALSA". Up until then the mambo, son montuno, guaracha, guaguanco, cha cha cha etc. had no genre. "SALSA Y CONTROL" finally gave this music a name that is now known and acknowledged worldwide. While this may sound good for Salsa, it is not completely correct, the first group to use the name Salsa was Cheo Marquetti y los salseros, a Cuban group in the late 50's but the term Salsa was mainly adopted to represent a new combination of sounds and instruments in the late 60's..largely in connection with Fania and where a TERM was needed to be able to market the new sounds.

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