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Diaspora People's Assembly 2012 | Review

The Diaspora Caucus exists to promote Community Organising among institutions and leaders which are based in the UK who remain connected to their country of origin by nationality, language, religion or culture. Through training, leadership development and action, we build the power of diaspora communities to tackle social injustice and to improve public attitudes to migrants.

The assembly this year was represented by different communities from Africa to South america with diferent colours and ethnicities, live music, testimonial videos and the "Oscar" cudos awards for people who support and work for the human rights of the communities and people in London. With a big shout of "Viva" in spanish by the host, Citizens UK included Latin america community based in London with live music by Soas Samba Band, playing traditional drums and sounds from Brasil, also including on the programme a talk experience by Eulises Maldonado sharing his live experience in London and how his career turn into a new life living in the UK but also how he came back in track working for the community and their future generations with the Latin American School of Artistic and Cultural Education (ESFORAL), an endeavour by a group of Latin American teachers, concerned with the education of Latin American children and young people, born or brought up in the United Kingdom.

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CITIZENS UK is the national home of community organising and the largest alliance of civil society organisations in Europe.  Our goal is to build the power of communities who work together for the common good.

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