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The funniest video in Spanglish history?

El Jueves is Spain's leading satire magazine and in 2011 the eternal source of humilliation and jokes released its most successful video montage to date. In it, editors took images from a football match featuring Barcelona FC stars Victor Valdes and Imbrahim Affelay, exploited the fact the later had little or no Spanish language skills while the former spoke about as much English as a barn door and added a few dubbed voices to get their message across. The rest is history, and now leaves the video as El Jueves' most viewed in the past 24 months. Will any other video capture the essence of "Spanglish" and how Spanish and English can be lost in translation? 

Struggling? Never fear, the video also comes with an accompanying script for those not particularly well-versed in the Catalan vernacular…

Valdes: ‘When you are close to me, you you, you pass the ball to me.’

Valdes to Mascherano: ‘Tell him to pass me the ball when hes close to me and not to mess up…you know where I am.’

Mascherano: ‘When you get the ball from them and get close to the area you pass the ball to him.’

Valdes to Iniesta: ‘Man, my English really scares me. Since I’ve been eating in McDonald’s, I’m learning to speak English very well!’

Pique: ‘Valdes, Valdes, Shakira has a sister that wants to meet you.’

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