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Fantoons : Chasing John Lennon

STRIKING NEWS!! JOHN LENNON IS ALIVE!!! The biggest Beatles fan is on his way to find his idol... but an evil woman will fight until she dies to stop this from happening!! ... her name is... you guessed it ... YOKO ONO (echo).

In our latest Fantoons episode we celebrate the Beatles and the ballad of John & Yoko... in our own weird way... Happy Holidays!!

Series Creator & Producer: David Calcano
Co-Executive Producers:
Alberto Hadyar, Cristina Aragón, Michael Koderisch, Jesus Marquez

Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Ringo: Neil Cole.
James Anderson Creed: The Fan
Episode Written & Directed: David Calcano
Music by: Gernot Koegel
Sound Post-Production Facility: 5A Studios
Backgrounds and props: Mr. Ozan Civit
Storyboard: Leandro Mendes ("I'm really stressed")
Character Design & Still Illustrations: Juan Riera (a.k.a El Maracucho)
Foley Artist: James Anderson Creed
Production Manager: Linda Otero

Final Editing and Creative Consulting: Mr. Otto Scheuren
Series Logo & Lettering: Hector Do Nascimento
Sound Supervisor & Dialogue Editing: Cristina Aragón
Dubbing Mixer: Michael Koderisch
Foley Recording: Andy Boyle
Animation: Holy Cow Animation

Animation Director: Ricky Escutin
Animation Supervisor: Carlito del Mundo
Animators: Ricky Escutin, Carlito del Mundo, Dennis Ocampo
Clean Up/In Between Artist: Armand Buladaco
Head of Digital Ink and Paint: Virgilio de Santos
Digital Ink and Paint Artists: Virgilio de Santos, Danilo Samson
Compositor: Virgilio de Santos, Danilo Samson
Editor: Danilo Samson
Production Coordinators: Majel Montano, Roxanne Cruz, Emily Calcena
Managing Director: Marlyn Montano
Creative Director: Dani Montano

Special Thanks:

Neil Cole for performances that made this episode something unforgetable.
Gernot Koegel, for completely rethinking the music... awesome.
Reinaldo Mendoza (píllate este animatic un pelo)
Carolina Paiz, Diego Velasco, Eduardo Benatar
And everyone who liked our Facebook page... met us at the Con and just plain hate us... you make this journey SO GREAT... and finally... this episode is dedicated to Juan Calcano & Charlie Otero...

Text by Fantoons :

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