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Fundação VLA - Helping Brazil via the UK

Latinos in London proud to present our charity of the month: "Fundação Vera Lucia Araujo". The VLA Foundation is a non-governmental organization.

On June 21, 2011 Elilde Medeiros Armostrong-emery, started The Foundation. Vera, when young, had a hard life, and was always keen to help others,specially children in need. Since passing away, Elilde Armstrong decided to continue her mum's desire of making the world a better place, by helping adolescents and children.

The main aims of the foundation are to provide education, clothing, food and recreation for many kids,so that they may have in the future strengthening and development of citizenship and all its skills, always acting to improve their life and teach them good values.

Values that are based on respect, love, dignity, faith, ethics, hope and responsibility. Beliefs are hoping for a better and more peaceful world, we should start by ensuring the rights of children and adolescents.

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