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Bocafloja in London

Hailing from Mexico city, Bocafloja strives in search of alternative forms of classic hip hop structure in the form of MC. Bocafloja uses Hip Hop as an educational model and free style poetry as a resource. Lyrics that critically judge social, political, everyday life and even the artist’s own contradictions, without dogmatizing yet with strict firmness. Without limiting art to four elements or pigeonholing the struggle in a pamphlet. Art in resistance. With an international vision from the most populated city in the world Bocafloja maintains a comprehensive position that would never forget that which differentiates us.

Bocafloja is recognized in Mexico as the pioneer of the utilization of hip hop culture as an alternative tool to create awareness, developing a different form for political participation that reaches and is more relevant to marginalized youth

Coming directly from New york and born in Mexico, Bocafloja visited London this year to record a featuring video with local London duo Native Sun and including a special performance at Cafe Cairo on 23.02.13.

You can listen and buy their new album "Patologias del Invisible Incomodo" , an album in which Bocafloja deals with the concept of the body as a vehicle of transgression toward hegemony. It is a project that speaks about the invisibility of people of color and the discomfort that individuals cause in certain settings. Soul and jazz infused beats with profound , insightful and always critical lyricism.

released 17 February 2012
Bocafloja & Quilomboarte.

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