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Los Chinches presents "Fongo"

Now in 2013 London's own chicha band Los Chinches released their debut album FONGO onto the world on April 1st, along with their UK TOUR 2013. The album title, Los Chinches explain, is taken from the name of "a mysterious deity, a visionary and a clown with a taste for jungle liquor and Amazonian beauties". It is, they continue, "through Fongo that we channel the spirit of Chicha who acts as a spiritual councillor and a guide for Los Chinches. We ask Fongo to bless us all with good vibrations. There is a Fongo in all of us and our quest is to bring out the spirit of Fongo in everyone who hears our sound. I am are Fongo...we are all Fongo!" Check out for videos and social media.

FONGO is officially out on 1st April and now you can get a sneaky advance copy via the band's Bandcamp page HERE>>

Latinos in London want to thanks to Los Chinches & Movimientos records for the mention in their new album cover and the vaiuable support and contribution to our culture in the UK. Since the beginning of their music journey into great music like Los Mirlos, Los Destellos & Chacalon; Los Chinches developed their love and passion for music through all this bands and recreated their own sound with original songs and crazy melodies based on this roots mixed with their garage rock, synths, latin percussion and their guiro (wiro) hero. Now finally the album Fongo saw the light , the art cover was amazingly made by Bolivian artist Marco Toxico and from the other side i can give faith of the great job done and amazing sound created during the recording sessions of this 11 cool tracks. Los Chinches represent the psychedelic sound of Peru of the 60's into this decade, bringing the sounds of the Peruvian amazon to London this years, they rapidly are becoming the new cream of Chicha in Europe. Congratulations to all the crew and all the people involved in this project for many years. So, Get your album now and support Lo Chinches, one of our best local bands! Carlos Nino.


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