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Venezuela - Recap after 5 days of Nationwide Protests

Anti-government protesters have hit the streets of Caracas and other parts of Venezuela in the past few weeks with increasing levels of violence. The Exit is the campaign being run by opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and the aim is to force President Nicolas Maduro to step down. The President has labelled the protesters as "right wing fascists" and "coup mongers", although they deny they want anything other than legal change at the top. They say government corruption, economic problems and high levels of crime have not been dealt with properly.

On the other hand, the government insists unrest and shortages of every-day products are a simulation of the US-backed strategy to bring down government via chaos in cooperation with the country's major essential goods producers as was seen in Chile in 1973. Government also maintains that company bosses leading the production of essentials like harina pan, milk, paper, water and rice are able to obtain a strangle hold on the population by restricting access to these products and blaming these shortages on the Maduro regime itself.  

But it's more complicated than just Lopez versus Maduro, there's other opposition groups, led by Henrique Capriles, who don't support The Exit protests and believe they could do more harm than good.

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