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Yaguar aka JHT

Check the new videos of Yaguar aka JHT , a well known Colombian artists popular for his music and lyrics into hip hop music. Based in London now he continues working hard to develop more music projects to help support the Spanish speaking Hip Hop Industry but more than that to keep the identity of Latin american countries (Abya Yala) and traditions that involved more who we are and where we come from. His new project involved traditional instruments with a technology twist involving loops with different beats moving forward to his new way to do music and powerful lyrics to open your eyes to your culture, your believes, your beloved ones and your roots. This is just the beggining, keep in touch via his website or facebook here.

JHT has a very good establishment within the Hip Hop Industry in Colombia. Many people, especially in South America, USA and Europe who take a special appreciation to Hip Hop are familiar with his music, and can relate to JHT as his music emphasizes the true essence of good genuine Hip Hop, along with the music influences of Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Brazilian , Venezuelan & Colombia Afro-Caribbean music, all in which JHT has implemented on his albums. As JHT he has devoted his life to Hip Hop music and has been working in the Hip Hop Industry for over 14 years. 

Please be advised that explicit lyrics, language and content will be present in some of the required viewings.


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