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Angelica Lopez : Madremonte

MADREMONTE… Angélica López, New Álbum... ¡A journey beyond the Music!

Colombian singer songwriter Angelica Lopez amazingly comes full of surprises, this time with hits and inspiring chords that will fill your ears with magic.

Born in the beautiful Cartagena de Indias, in the north of Colombia; this talented woman based in London (England), has being inspired by the colourful Caribbean the influence of the Pacific and the earths vibrations to register every emotion and proclaim every musical word in a way that only she could. This is how Madremonte was born, a project that will bring delight to many with sounds of: gaita, accordion, marimba de chonta, tambora, an unmatchable fusion of urban rock and enchanting lyrics, finding a perfect mix of traditional Colombia sounds, it's nature and the fusion of rock.

Songs such as "Asi soy" (the way I am) reflect in this album her charisma and life experiences in Caribbean land, "Aluna" fills the listener with emotion and consciousness about the importance of connecting with our mother earth and protecting her as well as ourselves; " Lovesong” (I will always love you) a cover that you can't help but dedicate to someone, in partnership with Herencia de Timbiquí, portrays what it's like to dream and live love , along with many more hits.

Welcome to enchanting world of MADREMONTE!

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